Monday, 28 March 2016

Reversible Autumn - Spring Quilt

My friend Kim and I decided to sew our pal Kelly a  quilt for her 40th. I had this lovely floral stash from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow range that I picked up from John Lewis in the sale eons ago. Kim picked up a couple of charm packs in Australia at a quilt fair that she was itching to patch. So we decided to each make a different quilt top.

I chose a really basic subway tiles design. Kim was planning something more complex, and I wanted my side to be simple enough so that the quilting would work for both sides. The border gave me a bit of grief, I eventually settled on a navy blue, to make the colours pop.

Kim's quilt top arrived from Oz, and it was superb. A Half Square Triangle geometric design with sashing, in contrasting greens and browns. I thought it had a real autumnal feel- so very complimentary to my quilt top.

To quilt I followed the lines on the autumn side. A simple straight stitch on the diagonal, which gave the quilt top further detail. It's great when the quilting really adds to the patching design like this.

The quilt measured about 2m x 2m.

 Quilts look so happy hanging on the clothes line in the back green during daylight!

The patches on the spring side were random enough to be able to really carry the quilted diamond pattern from the autum side.


  1. Oh, it's lovely! I do love a collaborative quilt!