Tuesday, 31 March 2015

2nd Quilty Kilty junior quilt

Quilty Kilty Junior has sewn again! It's such a good way of thinning out my stash (what a terrible thing to say- of course I mean- it's great to see her inspired and wanting to make her own gifts). She's going to have more projects finished than I have at this rate.

She picked out some bright print with cats on it, patched some star fabric to the sides to make it wide enough.

The fleece backing is actually one of those kid's blankets you get on long haul flights. They are an ideal size, and this is a great way to upcycle them (I get people to collect them for me now!).

There's still quite a bit of wonky stitching and puckering, but it all adds to the character of the quilt. This John Lewis mini sewing machine really is a great machine for beginner sewers, even those in Primary 3!

I'd say she did about 95% of the sewing; 20% of the pinning. It probably took 90mins all in to complete.

Lots of fun and a great project for the wee ones!