Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sew (Magazine) excited!

A friend of mine who also loves to dabble in all things sewing and quilting sent me an email saying I was in this month's Sew Magazine, page 58 to be precise.

noooooo.... really?

Yes! There we are! Number 1 no less! I am tickled pink. 

It was in June (before I started this blog) that Popular Patchwork published an article about our When the Rains Come quilt and MUMs charity. It really is so lovely that the quilting community is supporting our fundraising efforts, we've also had loads of quilting shops display the quilt to help sell tickets (I'll give a full list of supporters a bit later on, so I don't miss any out!)
You'll have to buy a back copy to read the rest of the article!

Thank you sew much Sew Magazine and Popular Patchwork- I really hope it helps us raise awareness of the MUMs charity and more people buy raffle tickets to win our When the Rains Come quilt!

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