Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Scrappy Square Quilt

We're going home for a holiday in Australia in a few days, so I thought I'd make my Mum a quilt. A basic patchwork quilt, out of leftovers.  mmmmm...leftovers!!

I love playing around with scraps- figuring out what fabric goes with what, and dealing with a riot of colour and texture.

Normally I'd sketch first, then cut out- but I did it the other way around this time, as I thought I'd randomly sew together the patchwork. I cut out loads of squares from scraps- but then worried the quilt would look a bit muddy.

I like to work in a bit of white to freshen up the quilt and let the colours look brighter.

So I sketched this design- to alternate the darks, lights and whites.

Time to get out the Singer and sew sew sew!
I don't know about you, but I suffer from craft room envy.

I love quilting blogs where you can see a big room just for sewing, full of colour, like crazy mom quilts

Make it & love it tease me with ideas for a craft room- but I live in a 2 bedroom flat in Scotland! My dining table is my craft room (and computer room, kids' study, husband's study, cat's favourite place to sleep, and sometimes we even eat dinner from it).

When I sandwich a quilt, I vacuum the rug, then I get to work on the floor. No nice big crafting tables in this home.

I hope that I can show you don't need much space to make your own quilts.

Time to remove the cat and laptop from the table and get quilting!

 Better bung up a bit of binding. Very renegade here- haven't bothered to change the walking foot, and sewing the diagonal by eye. It worked just fine. Lucky?... sometimes the easiest way is the best I think, I can't be bothered with fussing too much when sewing.

Ta daaa! I really enjoyed making this one- love the colours all the scrappy squares coming together. I think the white squares really helped.

The kids helped me add a personal touch.
This is a drawing Zoe did, that I transferred to fabric using free motion embroidery (bit of the old FME!). I also gave them a white square each and some fabric markers to draw a square for Nana.

I think Nana will love it.
I'm so happy with it! So get scrappy quilting- even if you have hardly any room at home!

I just want to say a big thank you to Joshua for my amazing new QK header, and Ever So Juliet for getting him to do it (and helping me set up this blog- she's a star!)

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