Thursday, 1 January 2015

Giant vintage star quilt

My pal Rachel told me about this amazing Giant Vintage Star quilt tutorial by In Color Order. You can see a pic of the one Rachel made here. I fell in love with it a bit. Some time later I was in Edinburgh Mandors (which is now called Fabric Focus) and happened upon some antiquey-looking fabrics. So I snapped them up, with a giant star quilt in mind.

I really like the colour scheme. I usually go for a lot of white and brighter colours, but have been wanting to make a quilt with a vintage feedsack look about it.

With work and general life things (like 2 small kids) getting in the way of precious sewing time, this was a delight to sew- seeing real results in just a couple of sessions.

I used fleece to back it. For the quilting I stitched-the-ditch around the 4 x 4 blocks. If I had a bit more time, I would have quilted a bit more- as they are such large blocks and had a slightly baggy feel about them without the extra quilting.
I made it for my step-sister's 50th birthday, and am really happy with the result! I can highly recommend you check out Jeni's blog to see all the different effects you can get with this one easy to make quilt. It's an excellent quilt to make if you're a beginner too.

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