Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jungle Path quilt- finito!

Yay! Finally I've finished this Jungle Path quilt, that I made using a layer cake, for my wee boy. It's lovely and colourful, and I wish we had proper sunlight in Scotland so I could show you how cool it looks. Or maybe I need photography lessons. Or PhotoShop lessons.

Artfully folded on a chair

And it only took 5 months to finish. Well, that's the beauty of working full time and trying to be a parent and trying to enjoy the kids and have a bit of a hobby. There's naff all time to get things done. To be fair, I've been playing around with crochet a lot too- so many people I know needed a new beanie over Christmas! Even if they didn't want one. Especially those people.

My daughter is now requesting a fairy quilt. I've got a few other projects up my sleeve too. A few weeks ago I made a new quilt top for myself. It's been ages since I've made one for my own room! Exciting times. The fairy quilt may have to wait a little while.

Anymahoo- this quilt was pretty easy to make, and looks so effective. I can recommend it! And to get two quilt tops out of one layer cake- bargain I tells you!

I kept the quilting really simple- basically stitched in the ditch, along the outside of the white sashing of the centre square patches in the blocks. This was so much quicker than free motion embroidery. Although FME would have probably looked better. Oh well, nae bother!

My favourite photo of it is this one, on the lower bunk (with a crocheted dinosaur I made Master C for Christmas).

What 3 year old boy wouldn't love it?

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