Sunday, 30 June 2013

Log Cabin Quilt: A fun first quilting attempt!

Welcome to my first ever blog post. Please bear with me as I stumble my way through it, trying to think of something vaguely interesting to say. 

Ummm... so- me! This blog is most likely going to be about various sewing projects I have been getting up to, maybe a random bit of craft chucked into the mix (I have been known to dabble in felting, drawing, painting, cake decorating- you know: stuff).

I got a sewing machine a few years ago, and soon decided to make my first quilt. I was inspired by my pal Rachel from Sew Bored who makes lovely quilts. I was just getting back into sewing (it had been about 20 years since I'd used a sewing machine at high school- amazing what you remember!) and I wanted to make something easy. The quilt was to be a present for my Mum's 60th. She was coming all the way from Australia to spend it with us in Scotland, so I thought something I had made myself would be nice. And it had to be forgiving- as precision wasn't my strong point.

So a fair bit of pondering on the interwebs, admiring many quilts and getting more and more addicted to the idea, then Rachel suggested I try a log cabin quilt for starters.
I saw this antique quilt and thought ooooo, then I saw this contemporary log cabin and thought ahhhh. I decided to give it a try.

It took a flippen long time- and all those strips of fabric! I had no idea all those seam allowances would add up to so much time and money!
I was pretty happy as it started shaping up though.

Best of all, Mum was chuffed to bits. She even had a wee teary.

 Master C had fun exploring Nana's new quilt.

And of course he had to go for a "ride" in it.

So then Miss Z had to have a shot, and I started getting a bit nervous if the stitching would hold or not and put an end to the fun and games. Trust Mummy to be the spoilsport!!

Right now, I'm making another one for Mum (lucky lady!) as we're going back to Australia in a few weeks! My kids are super excited, as am I. Mum has recently moved into a new house, so thought a wee quilt would be a nice pressie- more on that soon!


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